core areas: sociolinguistics, descriptive linguistics, applied linguistics, and language education (teaching English as a foreign language),  including:

language variation: informal, sociocultural, occupational, ethnic, stylistic, and geographical varieties; World Englishes, esp. North American English, African American English, Yinglish, Spanglish, Ponglish; youth speech

language description and documentation: lexicography, linguistic fieldwork, data collection; lexicon, informal language, language contact, borrowing; language change, neologism

applied linguistics and language education: teaching English as a foreign language,esp. resources for teaching vocabulary and pronunciation; specialized and learners’ dictionaries; English in sociocultural context


numerous fieldwork-based sociolinguistic and lexicographic projects

core themes: language variation and language description, including:

Informal English in the EFL Context, 2015-present

Borrowings in Informal American English, 2015-2019

Spanish Loanwords in American Slang, 2012-2015

English Borrowings in Colloquial Polish, 2011-present

Canadian Slang and Colloquialism, 2011-present

Yiddish Loanwords in American Slang, 2010-2013

Yiddishisms in North American English, 2009-2012

African American Slang, 2009-2013

Lexicon of African American English, 2009-2012

Informal Toponyms in North American English, 2009-2011

Polish Students’ Slang, 2008-present

Americanisms and Briticisms. Contrastive Studies, 2006-2008

Translation of British Slang, 2003-2006

British Slang and Colloquialism, 2003-2006

Lexicon of British English in the EFL Context, 2002-2004

Lexicon of American English in the EFL Context, 2002-2004

Slang and its Linguistic Description, 1999-present

American Slang in Lexicography, 1993-1996

The F-Word and its Derivatives, 1992-1994

Translation of Polish Slang, 1992-1998

Polish Slang and Colloquialism, 1992-present

Translation of North American Slang, 1990-present

American Slang and Colloquialism, 1990-present


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